We want out. We scheme about it; we dream about it.
Welcome to the Mountainrailz story.

We are Steve and Christine. For over 25 years, we have walked and hiked the woods and mountain trails of New England. Like yours, our hiking adventures are personal. At times, they are goal oriented, butt-kicking challenges. At other times, they are less rousing and more contemplative. Like us, you don’t need anyone to tell you why you love the outdoors. You have your own rhyme, you’ve got your own reason. Hiking just gets you there. Allow us to share our Mountainrailz venture with you.

A woodworker by profession, Steve has paired his expertise with the time-honored technique of mortise and tenon joinery to design and build Mountainrailz Hiking Sticks. Our innovative, patent-pending design is 100% renewable maple hardwood. The joinery, along with the North American-sourced hardwood, gives the sticks their strength and durability. The double rail construction forms one stabilizing unit, and the varying heights allow for an adjustability factor without moving parts. Rather, you use one hand to glide and guide your steps. Our simple design makes it easy to grip, effortlessly becoming second nature to use.

As you traverse your path, the hiking sticks assist in keeping your core upright with less leaning. Mountainrailz Hiking Sticks just feel like the outdoors – all natural, all wood, all day.

“Get your railz on the trails.” ~ See you out there!


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